Time to Ascend

Ascend provides an entire platform for trade enthusiasts. Our state-of-the-art launchpad will allow token creators to launch contracts using our ecosystem, providing revenue streams that will trigger buy-backs to our token and boost investor profits.

Total Supply

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100 trillion tokens will be minted throughout the lifetime of this project. As more tokens are purchased, the value of each held token will go up in proportion to scarcity.

0.5% Total Supply Max Sell/Buy

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While Ascend will not prevent investors from selling their entire portfolio, instead it encourages this to be done in a respectful manner. Limiting each transaction helps protect the chart from radical walls and drop-offs, which promotes investment stability.

Weekly Giveaways

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The Ascend team will host weekly contests and promotions, coordinated through our telegram group. Join in and be prepared for some high-stakes wins.


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Ascend will soon offer a staking platform. Stakers will receive their rewards in $ACE tokens.

Locked Liquidity

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Liquidity locked for three months. The 1.5% dev wallet is locked for three months, split into three half-percent wallets.

About Ascend

We are a community-based token that seeks to give back as much as possible to our investors. We have built in a generous 8% ETH rewards system, and have a moderate 4% marketing tax which will be allocated towards fast tracking listings, and hiring influencers.

The marketing wallet will also be used for launching future projects, such as our sports betting platform in phase 2 and NFT marketplace in phase 3. By holding our NFTs, investors can be rewarded with more NFTs in weekly giveaways. We will also be developing a platform to launch new token contracts. Rivaling others, this will include ETH rewards, and anti-bot measures, while issuing a slim tax of .75% for projects who wish to launch on this platform.

Our partnership with SafeShield ensures a stable and transparent contract to our investors.


$ACE is optimized for holder rewards. Simply by holding $ACE investors will earn 8% ETH rewards off of every transaction. Rewards are automatically distributed to token holders, based on their ownership of the total supply.

$ACE tokenomics


Phase 1

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Lock Liquidity
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Token Marketing
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Phase 1.5

Launchpad Revenue Injections

Phase 3

NFT Marketplace

Phase 4

Auction Platform

Our Partners

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Stay Informed

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